How important is religion to you?

@tombiz (2039)
July 6, 2007 11:32pm CST
Religion is one of the oldest institution established by man and it still survived up to this modern age of great technological advancements. Religion is one of the most important foundations and shapers of human existence and history in this earth. Today, how do you value religion? Do you think it is still very important in today's world? Please present your arguments here?
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• Philippines
18 Jul 07
i don't want to argue. i just want to say that religion is important part of our life especially when you are a Born again Christian. Actually, the most important is your relationship with God because Christianity is not a religion. For me it is better to have a religion. God bless!
• Malaysia
7 Jul 07
Religion is very important to me as I am a religion believer. I devote myself to God five times a day and I truly believe my religion as the most truthful way of life. Without religion, I would find my life is without purpose. With it, my life has a definition and a goal to reach.
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
7 Jul 07
Hi there. I know in my culture today, religion is not an important thing now days, it probably was back then, Im not too sure... But personally speaking especially in our house, its not important at all, I see my family more important then religion itself, I think its how we feel inside as people and how we choose to treat and respect others and ourselves... Today there is a lot of fighting and killing over the laws of certaint religion... and personally my family can do without that kaos...
@ritchel (890)
• Philippines
7 Jul 07
Yes i still agree that religion is important. This is the basis of all. On a more personal side, when choosing someone to spend the rest of my life with or someone to marry i prefer that we are of the same religion.