the outbreak of mylot

@mrddln (458)
July 7, 2007 2:04am CST
how can i earn more in mylot with no referrral at all?
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• India
7 Jul 07
well my friend even i dont have any referels her. you know its now become quite tough to get referrels here.coz many dont like to join. those who join to earn money are disheartened in a short time and they leave. so it is bettter to be doing the hard work yourself and do not depend on others. in the end when you are eleigible for payout you will enjoy getting the money for which you have worked so hard. just post quality stuff which has reference to the discussion and make it a little big. around 5-6 lines on an average. that will be quite enough because people have been earning 1$ a day for a mere 12-15 posts a day. thats because their posts were of good quality.
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@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
7 Jul 07
Greetings mrddln.. Mylot suggests that you capitalize on every available opportunity to earn good dollars here, by giving quality postings. You can earn by simply posting here, starting your own discussion or by responding. Back then, I used to average at around 30 postings a day, earning a dollar or less before it gets updated. Also, try to upload some photos on every response you post. If I'm not mistaking, you need to reach 500 posts before you could upload some in your own discussion. You can also upload it on individual interests section, just make sure that the photos you upload and the description you post match each other. Mylot does not reward irrelevant postings, abusive and offensive that violates their guidelines. I have to referrees, but both of them didn't went active after signing in. So most of my earnings did come under my hard work and perseverance, I hope this works for you too!;) Goodluck, enjoy and happy posting..
@kevin117 (95)
• China
7 Jul 07
well,it seems not so easy to earn more on mylot.For me ,every post only cost me 1 cent .So if I want to reach the payout borderline for $10 ,i have to post 1000 responses,that is ,100 responses each day if i hope to get $1 each day. All is from my hark work and effors. of course ,next,i'll take further meditation of improving my stuff! lol......