mauryan empire : the rise and fall

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July 7, 2007 2:16am CST
Chandraguptra-emperor and martyr Shortly after passing of alexander,indias first great empire arose,ruled by chandragupta maurya.according to lengend,changragupta maurya was the son of herdsman. chandragupta maurya was a young man he met Alexander the Great and days later he was awakened by a lion gently licking his body-an omen that he would become royalty. chandragupta's counselor and advisor was his adoptive father channakya,who said to have kept chandragupta's youthful impulses in check and to have been learned in medicine,hellenism and zoroatrianism. and it is said that he guided chandragupta in abloody war that began two years after alexander left6 iundia, a war that ended with chandragupta overthrowing the nanda dynasty that had been ruling the state of maganda. chankaya became prime minister and legend describes chanakya as the author of abook entitled arthasasthra, which appears to have been written during the time of chandragupta but with writings added centuries later. arthtasastra means science of property and material success includes political and material success , and in the book this success includes the unity of india. it has flavor to similae to the legalism that rivaled confucianism and taoism in china. the book advises a king to control his subjects especially huis masters and ministers and the brahmins , a wealthy merchants and his beautiful women. that was the colorful literature in india in the rise of mauryan empire.
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7 Jul 07
yes i have heard of chandragupta maurya and how brave and able ruler he was. we used to read about him in our history textbooks and from there he has caught my fascination. the information which you provided was indeed quite helpful and interesting. i loved this bit of information and i hope you will come up with such informative articles again.