Do you like MYLOT?

July 7, 2007 4:56am CST
Do you like mylot?How do you know this forum?From here you learn what?I think this is a very good forum ,I know a lot of sincere friend,when I had difficulties, They will be enthusiastic to help me,how about you?
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
12 Jul 07
I like myLot. I like writing anyway and I like to respond to what others write and answer their questions and give them suggestions. There are also suggestions that I got that I have not thought about, and when I feel low, and I write here, and get an answer, I find that I am not alone.
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• China
14 Jul 07
I like the Internet and talk, in reality many of the others can say, and here can say, because no one will recognize you, it gives me a sense of full security.
@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
7 Jul 07
I really like mylot a lot because its the best site to express our feeling all across and instead mylot rewards us by paying us.I have come across many earning websites but I felt mylot is the best unlimited earning website.We can also make new friends on this website and we can also know each other very well by the medium of mylot.Till now,I have tried many earning website till now but I think mylot is the best because most of the other earning website has limited earning opportunities whereas on mylot you get paid that much you can post responses and start new discussions day everyday.
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• China
7 Jul 07
Yes, I know this is the first overseas websites, I'm in domestic forums, suddenly aware of the existence MYLOT, added to it, with many different countries chatting with a friend,can also make money, I feel wonderful, I was right the first time such a forum dedicated.
• Singapore
3 Oct 08
Yup, mylot rocks! It's a good place to express our opinions and feelings! Most of the mylotters I've met are so helpful! When I told them I was a new member, they didn't treat me like an outcast but even offered to guide me around. I felt like I was so welcomed into this huge, friendly commmunity. Mylot is a great place to gain knowledge! For example, you want to know about a certain topic, you can start a discussion and people will respond what they understand of that topic. You can discuss about practically, everything under the Sun. Last but not least, the Best Response Award! It makes my day to know someone liked what I said. I think myLot is a good website to get some extra cash.