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Independent music - We support indie movement all the way.
United States
July 7, 2007 11:27am CST
I have a major concern with indie music that I don't think gets address enough and please feel free to comment. Why is it that independent artists has such little support even when they go the distance to give a 150% of hard work in putting their music out? Indie artist can be seen all over the country on street corners and intersections, outside of clubs, major celebrations giving cds away hoping for anyone to just listen to their music and people will pass and won't even take a FREE cd. Some will take the cd and before they get off the same block throws it in the street, not concerned about the work that artist put into buy labeling and coping hundreds of cd just to hand them out. Many times albums are released by major labels and the album will have lets say 12-15 songs and it's hard to find 5 good songs on it but it will sell millions yet people pass by and indie artist who will have great songs cause thats all they have to carry them, and won't even take a free cd. Hey, that's indie reality. Support independent music, music life one love.
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