777 Do You Feel Lucky Today?

United States
July 7, 2007 1:50pm CST
Today is 777, and some say it's supposed to be a lucky day. So tell me, do you feel lucky today, if so why and if not why?
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@Ken_Smith (240)
7 Jul 07
oh yeah! i want to feel lucky! i join mylot today to help my shyness. i feel lucky! i want a girl partner i have never held a girl partner. i like mylot a lot!
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@dpk262006 (56021)
• Delhi, India
9 Jul 07
I always feel that I am lucky. God has given me this precious life to live, to serve others and he has allowed me to enjoy so many experiences of life...therefore, I always consider myself lucky.
• Philippines
8 Jul 07
I always feel lucky whenever the month of July comes. July is my favorite month. Yes, I saw some different when 777 came. Seven is also my favorite number. I saw that my business did better since 777 and I was hoping that it will continue even if its over now. So many good things come into my life during the month of July.
• Ireland
7 Jul 07
Ahhh no, I forgot to get a lotto ticket:( Dang!! Do I feel lucky today because of 777? no, I didnt realise the date .....till now :)I might get lucky yet;) That aside Im happy with my lot, pardon the pun!in general.
@NeoComp (1320)
• United States
7 Jul 07
Yeah I feel very good and lucky today. I feel like making lots of money and working alot.