Air Tv

July 7, 2007 4:19pm CST
Air TV is about a young girl named Misuzu who is a carefree 16 year old who loves dinosaurs. She meets a sleeping Yukito Kunisaki, a traveler who is looking for the 'girl in the sky', which his family has been doing for generations. Misuzu befriends him, and let's him stay in her house with her and her drunkern aunt, who takes care of her because her mother died and her father didn't want her. Through the 13 episode story, Misuzu gains to trust Yukito, but then the story detours to the life of another person in the past, an angel who falls for a man. But they both die, and in this result, the reincarnation of that man, Yukito, turns into a crow and then it starts to follow events through that crows eyes, but, Misuzu soon dies in the end of it. Her aunt, upon learning to finally love her, the father comes to take her back, and Misuzu has stopped walking and goes around in a wheel chair for travel. Her hair has also been cut, giving her the appearence of a young girl in elementry. Misuzu has recently dreamed of angels, meaning her time to leave is coming. When her father turns up, Misuzu has the choice to go with him or her aunt, and she stands, walking to her aunt. Who cries and hugs her as the father looks on helplessly. But soon, Misuzu is in pain and her aunt fears her niece's life. Then, Misuzu speaks of angels in her dreams and they are flying. In the last part of it all, she says that when she gets to her goal, she'll leave because the dream she dreamt last was the final one, she was flying with angels. "When I reach my goal, I'll be with the angels, you're my goal." she says, (what I remember of it) and her aunt begs her, but Misuzu finally reaches her aunt, shouting Goal. This brought tears to my eyes, because it is very sad and I LOVED IT ALL! I suggest it to the emotional people who like cute girls and lots of teary moments. (man I'm gonna cry now...)
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