Let's play the hottest game now!

July 7, 2007 8:56pm CST
This is a hot game in some forums. It goes like this... I will offer one word for starting. For instance I say,"Sun" So next one should begin like this... When I see Sun,I will think of cloud... and the next one goes on When I see Cloud,I will think of sheep... and just like this...this game goes on and on... I hope you understand now... Now,let's begin!!!! the first word is Mylot your turn now!
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• United States
8 Jul 07
When I see myLot I think of money. Is that how it's played? Are these types of games allowed here? I enjoy them but thought they weren't allowed. Oh well we'll see if it gets deleted. But those who answer probably won't earn much for just a one line answer, so they'll have to bs like I'm doing here if they want any hope of earning anything for their response. At least that's the way I hear it goes.
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• China
8 Jul 07
Hey,come on,man! This is just a game...just for fun,don't care for how much you will earn! Well,you showed a nice beginning! now it's my turn When I see Money,I think of Benz....geeeeeeee~!