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United States
July 7, 2007 10:11pm CST
Hello my friends! I am in need of some help! Tonight I had my cousin over because his parents were going out to a party. He is 2 1/2 years old, the same age as my daughter! They are complete opposites! Of course, I do take into consideration that he is a boy and my daughter is a girl, but come on! He is just off the wall. They also have another daughter who is now 10 and she was almost as bad as he is when she was that age. When he talks, he's screaming! The screaming is not really a problem, but it's that it's rubbing off to my daughter. Recently they have been coming over more and more often. His mom is so spoiled, when the family is in the room... she calls her dh to come deal with him. She's like a teenager who just wants to go shopping. Her relationship with her daughter is not a mother daughter relationship. All they talk about is tabloids and their appearance. My cousin, the 10 year old, has an eating disorder! All she eats is junk food, I have walked into their house for bbq's and stuff and she's laying on the couch watching E!Tv. She complains that her stomache hurts, it's because she has no REAL food in her mouth. What can I do about the trouble maker and get my daughter to understand that he's not acting the way he should (also, how should I punish him?), and how do I deal with my 10 year old cuz and her eating. I live with my mom, and she watches the 10 year old because it's summer vacation, and we watch the toddler when they go out. HELP!!
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• United States
8 Jul 07
Well, unfortunately there's not much you can do. When you are watching him and he acts like that, try to sit him down for a time out or don't let him play with anything until he calms down. Other than that, you can't really do much. It's not your child, after all. You can't whip him. Or at least you shouldn't. I know I would be mad if someone who was watching my son whooped him because I don't even do that. If he won't be good when you're watching him, tell his parents that you don't want to watch him anymore. Can't risk your child turning out like that.
• India
8 Jul 07
yea, one cannot do much anything in this connection. Only time will teach a good lesson for her cousin.