How often do you look at your watch?

@Veebra (19)
New Zealand
July 8, 2007 3:27am CST
To be honest, I sometimes find having a watch a bit of a distraction. I am always staring at my watch during class, waiting for the bell to ring or I stand at the checkout waiting for the checkout guy to come back from behind the counter (mysteriously timing him). :P How often do you look at your watch, and do you find it a distraction?
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@rhane7315 (5673)
• Philippines
21 Apr 08
i look at my watch whenever i'm bored
@vogelvrij (196)
• Netherlands
8 Jul 07
I dont wear a watch on my wrist. I live without a watch. I have a normal daily routine. Taking up this time for this and that time for that. And when I wanted to know the time, I can look at the receipt I just gotten in a store or I look at a public clock hanging somewhere out there, or I ask someone to tell my how late we are living. It feels relaxed wearing no time. Time is up to me.
@selina0625 (1383)
• Philippines
8 Jul 07
I think the rate or frequency of looking at watches depends on the the place and situation a person is in. For example is a boy is together with a girl that he truly love, then I bet that boy woudn't even look at his watch because he's enjoying too much to bother about the time while for an employee who really hate his job, I bet that employee will look at his watch every 30 mins or every hour till its time to go home. Time is relative.
• Philippines
8 Jul 07
Yes. I do not wear a watch anymore...