Are you Marriage material?

July 8, 2007 4:50am CST
Do you have what it takes to make a healthy, lasting lifetime commitment? take a quiz and get into health matrimonial mode.. BRIDE QUIZ: 1. when your best friend announces shes tying the knot,you: a)feel a bit envious that you want to propose to your guy ASAP. b)say "congratulations" and just can't help being happy for her. c)freak out and ask her if she's sure she knows what shes doing. 2. your boyfriend mentions names he wants for your babies: a)whip out your list of baby names and from your wallet. b)say "you know i love you honey, but...John Jr.? c)shriek! me? getting pregnant? hello, stretch marks?3)are you willing to quit your job to be a full time housewife? a) definitely. desperate housewives' bree vandercamp is my heroine. b) i haven't thought about it, but im open to the possibility. c) no way! i have at least five rungs to climb up on the corporate ladder before im satisfied. 4) when you're bf gives you a ring for your birthday, you: a)get so excited! you immediately think its an engagement ring. b)drift off and wonder, " what does this mean?"c)go ballistic and demand on some explanation. 5. when you hear the word marriage, the image that pops in your head is: a)the Brady bunch b)britany murphy and ashton kutcher in Just Married. c)Carmen elctra and her vegas wedding 6. in general, you feel __________ about marriage. a) really excited b) ambivalent c)terrified give me the letter of your answers then ill give you the result:)
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@xkristalx (231)
• United States
8 Jul 07
1)a 2)b 3)a -infact I'm READY to be a housewife. I just need a husband and a house first... 4)a 5)b 6)a
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• Philippines
8 Jul 07
great..almost a MRS :) you obviously aren't averse of tying the knot. but being eager is the same as being ready. before you get lost in your happily-ever-after daydreams, take some time for a reality check :) you may be prematurely rushing down the aisle and make sure you settle for right one :) good luck :) and thank you :)