Hello, my friends, I'm back to mylot again!

July 8, 2007 7:40am CST
I've disappeared for about 2 months or so. Too many things happened actually. I lost myself in life for a while, but everythings just goes well now. I just didn't know what to do for a certain period. Just a month ago, a group of business man from Vancouver came to my city and I was chosen as the translator, I bet that were the most happiest days of 2007. You know, for a while I thought I would never be happy again in this backward town government, because I'm the only daughter of my parents, the only thing they hope is that I could get back to the small town for a stable life, 'cause it will be very hard for me to live a better life in big cities in China now, as English major, I would face great challenges and strong pressure. But I have to thank my Vancouver friends that they help me getting out of this hard phase of my life. They may not see these words, but I'm really thankful. What I wanna say is that, life is really beautiful though there are many unhappy memories, bad experiences, but we have to make choices, because we are born to try!
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