BitTorrent. Yes or No?

July 8, 2007 11:33am CST
I myself are a daily user of bittorrent. (Utorrent client) I download music, games and other stuff, even legal torrents. Here in the Netherlands it is legal to download, but not to upload things like software and music. Do you use bittorrent, and what client do you use?
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@vivienna (583)
• Venezuela
8 Jul 07
I have to confess a terrible thing: I never was able to understand how bit torrent works. I downloaded the program and tried to configure it, but I suffered from my ignorance about the basic philophy of the torrent streaming. Result: I forget about it, and suscribed to a peer-to-peer network, but I only use it to download that kind of music that the vendors don't have available because they concentrate in the more commercial pieces. A private person, a collector, owns pieces that can't be found anywhere else. These I'm searching for and am very grateful to the persons that allow me to download them directly from their computers and as they share the same interests, they are something like a friend. So the essential philosophy of the peer-to-peer is preserved: you always can lend a book, a CD, etc. to a friend. But I don't do it very often!
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• Netherlands
8 Jul 07
What kind of torrent client did you try to use? Maybe there are tutorials on the net, that can help you configure the client in the right way, so you also can use bittorrent.
@krayzee (1161)
• Romania
9 Jul 07
Well technically you cannot use bittorrent without uploading :) I used to use it but I quit due to moral issues LOL (downloading considered stealing and such). However I do understand people who use it as I've been there myself and know the advantages :)
@babostwick (2037)
• United States
9 Jul 07
I think I use them all just to see what type of hits I receive and then go from there. If I don't like the selection or it doesn't have what I'm looking for, I just switch to another.