Why I left World of Warcraft behind...

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July 8, 2007 12:03pm CST
After 3 years, 54 alts, 12 lvl 60s, 1 lvl 64 I'm finally quitting the game, World of Warcraft. It was fun for a while, but it got repetetive and my friends started moving away from the game. It's sad, but everything ends. One thing I won't miss are all the crappy GM's on Roleplaying servers who tried to enforce the stupid naming policy. For those who aren't in the know, they enforce a naming policy to maintain the "mood and feeling" of a roleplaying server. On Normal, PVP and other type servers, they don't care what you name your characters. But, on Roleplay servers, gung-ho GMs will stop you and make you log out of the game and rename your toon. However, considering that they never cared about "fantasy themed" names when they made their NPC's, I don't know why they would care. It seems that any policy that you enforce, should also apply to you as well. There is a thing called hypocrisy, which tends to sap away any confidence in you if you fail to live up to your own ideals. Another horrible thing about the game was travel. They have no good method of travelling from one point to another. They allow mounts, but it's insanely expensive to train up your riding skill and to purchase a mount. That's only to go a wee bit faster. They have no method of transporting you except by boats or airships from select cities. In Ultima Online, they have public teleporters outside of every major city which can take you to almost any spot. You can also buy runes and put them in your bag, which allows you to mark a rune at a particular spot and instantly be able to teleport back to that same spot as many times as you'd like. Another thing about Blizzard and WoW I hated was paying monthly and also paying for The Burning Crusade, which I ended up getting as a free download and a 10 day trial. It's nothing more than a patch and doesn't introduce anything that couldn't have been delivered for free. I much prefer Diablo2 or Guild Wars which is pay, but play for free. Those are just a few of my reasons for leaving World of Warcraft. If they offered a game exactly like Ultima Online, but free to play, I'd get it in a heartbeat. Well, they have to get rid of the stupid isometric view, which never belongs in any game. Especially since many games do not support diagonal movement. If you go left, on the screen, you are actually going Northwest. If you go right, you are actually going Southeast on the screen. Anyway, I'd like to hear from anyone who left the game of World of Warcraft. How did you break the hold? Why did you leave? Are you happier you left?
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30 Jul 07
Yea I did get bored with WoW so I quit and went on to programming my own video games. Now I am about to put my second video game up on the internet so I am very happy right around now. The next thing is I started playing runescape again (a free game but you can pay 5 dollars a month to become a member to get better things) and I am lvling my char up really fast so I can get it to 80 combat lvl, and make it a wonderful char, and then make people gawk at it lol. So I just do runescape when bored and other than that I program my own games. Oh and I am coming out with a 2d version of World of Warcraft, with some new characters and things like that, some new moves, and hell of a easier way to travel around.
@jdeforge (224)
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13 Nov 07
I bought WoW the day it came out, played for a year and took 6 months off. Then purchased Burning Crusade and have been playing ever since. Grinding a new character from 1-70 can get boring...but theres so much to do in the game, so many people to play with, and fun things to do and talk about, I can't imagine getting bored. Getting involved in a raiding guild where contstant runs are going on is quite helpful. It does become very difficult not to just play that every night and every weekend and realize all your days are gone though. WoW is addictive.
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9 Jul 07
I have a feeling I will end up quitting WoW in the next year or so. But I've only been playing for about 1-2 years. I have 2 level 70s, 1 level 64, and the rest are below 30. It gets repetitive and the drama is ridiculous about what people whine about. I am a Guild Master in a PvE server, and there's so much, "he said / she said I-Can't-get-along-with-him-and-either-you-kick-him-or-I-/gquit" BS all the time. Once you start breaking free and doing RL stuff it's kinda hard to miss. I am almost 23. I have a boyfriend that moved long distance from me, so World of Warcraft to me is one of the only ways to keep in touch besides phone. So it's nice we can still do things together. However, in the next 6 months when I move closer to him I probably will hardly touch the game. Grats to you for quitting. P.S. I love Ultima Online, but haven't played it in years.
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27 Aug 07
I ended up loading up Diablo 2, Lord of Destruction again and I'm playing on Battle.net. It's free, so who can complain?
@arndea (5)
• Canada
10 Jul 07
Well, my boyfriend started playing the game as soon as it came out, and i started about a year after him. We've both had times where we've cancelled our accounts, completely bored as hell with it. I reactivated, but he hasn't and i dont think ever will again. i'm pretty much just waiting for a better game to come out, and then will put wow behind me. we're both big on pvp and instanced BGs get pretty lame and repetitive, there is a huge lack of lore, instances and raids become frusterating and boring to run over and over again with no luck of getting what you went there for, transportation is a huge waste of time, lvling isnt anything to look forward to with the repetitive "gather 20 lumps of manure" and "pick up 15 flowers" quests. you also have to look at the kind of people who are playing the game, blizzard pretty much put together a "well rounded" game that wasnt great in any specific area like pvp/pve/rp etc.. although it contains all of these elements it's not great at any of them. anyone could be attracted to this game, unlike games such as shadowbane that are complex and not any carebear could withstand. therefore the community is immature and dramatic. although i dont regret the time i've put into the game, i do believe my time to move on to something better will be coming in the near future.. perhaps darkfall will be more fun.
• Malaysia
10 Jul 07
1st= wow is expensive that's for sure 2nd= u do the same thing all and all over again 3rd = man i hate grinding 4th = no point playing and the story line aint nice
• United States
10 Jul 07
Yeah I've played World of Warcraft for about three years myself. I understand that the monthly cost could be a significant detriment to your want to play. However, I can't say that it was the deciding factor, or even a significant factor, when I would reflect on "why I choose to quit this game." To be fair, let me point that I am still playing, to some extent. I play occasionally to see my best friend, who plays religiously, and also to catch up with some friends I made in-game. Granted, I never considered WoW to be any sort of substitute for a real social life, though that doesn't mean necessarily that I thought it wasn't social at all. The reason I quit--a couple of times--is mostly because I wanted to spend more time with family and friends that were actually in proximity to me. I realized that the people in WoW were entertaining and (to some extent) memorable, but time, energy, and social effort spent in WoW should never trump your real friends and family. So yeah, that's why I quit (a couple of times). I used to be a hardcore raider, but I don't foresee myself ever getting that into it again.
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8 Jul 07
Yeah, WOW is expensive and gets boring