which is better aspx or jsp

July 8, 2007 11:11pm CST
am building a website in jsp ,i think jsp is now popular ,java is old programming language ,it is said many programms are developed in java in usa m ore often used than dot net i also note many big proramm is in jsp at least in china in general i admitt that there is not defernece of bad or good in proogramming language , the key is whether your website or programm is useful or very convenience to user, microsoft has all world effects so that its product is easily accept , but it is uncertain , sometimes specializtion is better thx
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@nfhs79 (861)
• Malaysia
9 Jul 07
Taken from a forum : JSP and ASP.NET use different design schemes to re-use exisiting code. In a JSP/Servlet environment you'll probably use Controller pattern to do the same. And no, Controllers can be used in just about any kind of HTTP request type i.e GET, POST etc. The code behind thing in ASP.NET is definitely awesome...although you have to get used to some annoying things (if u a newbie to asp.net like me). I am also primarily Java dude...I personally dont want to support MS. But they are a big player, so you cant ignore them, nevermind the anti-competetive practices. I wish they stuck to standards a little more. Political battles aside, if they do somethign good, I give credit to them. And ASP.NET is a good thing :-) In the Java world, you can use struts to do some of the things...but WebForms are much much simpler. There is a much steeper learning curve with struts. But comparing Struts ot WebForms is like comparing two diff things. ASP.NET allows for rapid development for smaller apps. I think in a cross platform corporate env, Java has the advantage. The equivalent of WebForms in Java world would be the Java Server Faces (JSF) specifications. It aims to do the same things and more (i hope) as WebForms/CodeBehind. JSF is still in early access releases. It will take some time before it will come out. You can however mess aound with it by goign to java.sun.com For now, Struts is probably the closest thing you can get to WebForms...in this area, I think Java is lagging behind MS. (Hope this work and good info for you)