intelligent life partner or beautiful life partner

@kudeshi (529)
July 9, 2007 7:22am CST
Intelligent life partner or beautiful life partner - please do not say both, choose any one.
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• Singapore
9 Jul 07
well this is interesting. have to be at least intelligent and average looking. intelligent and damn ugly is a no no. beautiful but dumb is also a no no.
@kenoro (327)
• Netherlands
9 Jul 07
I would not choose either, no partner is either intelligent or beautiful. Beautiful can be understood in many ways not only by appearance so isn't being intelligent also beautiful till some extent? Anyways, I think I would go for an intelligent life partner rather than a non intelligent life partner who wouldn't get me anywhere in life.
@Rickrocks8 (1751)
• United States
9 Jul 07
I say intelligent partner becasue over the years looks will fade. And we you get really old you will need someone to talk to!
@Sushicook (691)
• Sweden
9 Jul 07
I would go with an intelligent life partner any day! Looks will change and maybe wither over the years, but the late night conversations will never fade.