does a long distance relationship work? what do u think?

@jen_n514 (218)
July 9, 2007 8:35am CST
had 2 LDRs (long distance relationship)...both didnt im starting to think..does LDR really work or not...what can you say about this?
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• Philippines
21 Dec 09
long distance is difficult as you are emotionally attached to the person you cant touch or comfort(kiss,hold hands)and this can hurt your heart and play w/ your emotions. the only way to make these relationship work is if you & ur partner honestly believe you will be able to survive without each other for a considerable amount of time w/o the need or desire to be with someone else, it will test u and ur partner, you need to trust him/her as paranoia can play a major part of ur relationship also this kind of relationship will bring a lot of disappointment & heartache -depending on the time u spend away from each other and it is very important that if you want the relationship to work u must make a great effort not to drift apart. somehow ul meet skeptism, people will tell that long distance relationship never work ,especially those who have had negative experiences about it, people sometimes tend to say negative things they failed on .I suppose LDR really can definitely work but u both have to believe IT...
@jen_n514 (218)
• Philippines
22 Dec 09
Welcome to mylot quiose18! hope you'll enjoy this site not only to earn money but to earn knowledge as well. It's nice to communicate with people you don't know personally because you will not be judged as a person. regarding the topic ..i totally agree with both need to believe not only the relationship will last and also you need to believe that someday you'll be together as long as you'll both fight. relationship is complicated itself what more if you are apart with each other its doubly hard. There are some who don't believe in LDR because there are people they want their loved ones to be near them and be with them most of the time.. we can't blame them since its really nice to have your loved one to be beside them all the time.. But definitely i really do believe in LDR.. i just hope my LDR right now will work this time! happy posting!
@sweetie1026 (1723)
• Philippines
15 Jan 10
It is possible, it only depends on the people involved. If they really love each other, they must be willing to make sacrifices to make it work. That is how i see it and i am into one right now and it has been years and we are happy about it.
@ann168 (111)
• United States
21 Oct 07
@fracktion (154)
• Philippines
21 Oct 07
I think long distance relationship will only work if both have trust to each other and maintain it until such time that they are ready to meet and move on to the next level... marriage. It is also important that each maintain a steady communication but also going out sometimes. Keeping the balance is important and sometimes we are stuck up to that person and it becomes boring and eventually will fall out of love and decide to call it even. So hang in there... trust... communication... socialize... take it one step at a time. So yes, It can work.
• Singapore
9 Jul 07
It really depends. I had one failed one which is slightly over a year. I think it depends on how committed both parties are and how much they work at it.