how much have you earned here?

July 9, 2007 8:40am CST
hello,my friends,i'm a fresher here and i was curious about the way of earning on mylot.and i also curious about how much have you earned.may i have the honour to know your earnings here? thank you ,my lovely dear~~
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@Sushicook (691)
• Sweden
9 Jul 07
I make about 20 or 30 cents each day. I've been online for a week now, and have made close to two dollars! :D Keep it up, make sure your posts are well written.
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@wiwiwawa (119)
• Malaysia
9 Jul 07
OH my friend, welcome here. I noticed that's a lot of friends making money here. They all working very hard. I was idle for several months. Lazy, hehehe... But now struggling to get my first payment. A little more to go. Check my post if you free. Kind to reply others would make you more easy to get your first pay. Enjoy !
@EvanHunter (4028)
• United States
9 Jul 07
enough for about four gallons of When you put it that way it doesnt seem like much at all but I guess its better to have a hobby you enjoy that pays than a hobby you enjoy that you have to spend lots of money on.
@Inky261 (2524)
• Germany
9 Jul 07
I see that you are new to mylot. Welcome. Regarding your question about earning at mylot: I reached payout in May and got paid eleven dollars. I reached payout again last month and will be paid ten dollars by the fifteenth of this month. It makes me very happy, it is such a nice reward, a recognition of my effort. Most of all I like the community here, I made friends worldwide and I did learn a lot. Happy mylotting.