Is there a person in this world to whom you owe your life to???

@sbksat (355)
July 9, 2007 8:45am CST
I'll have to say that I owe my life to my mother. She's such a nice person and has never lost her patience with me. She's loving and kind. With her beside me I got absolutely no worries in this world. Do you have such a person to give credit??
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@Sushicook (691)
• Sweden
9 Jul 07
I owe my life to my boyfriend. We got together two years ago, and he has helped me overcome a lot of fears and issues with my past. Life now is so different than it was before I got together with him. It's almost unbelievable..
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@Lifeless (2638)
• India
18 Dec 07
Hi there.. I ofcourse owe my life to my parents. They r the ones who have give me the life that I am living now, they have always stood besides me whenever I was in deep waters.. They have always been my contant supports thruout my life.. I can't imagine my life without the two of them.. They r the world to me...
• Philippines
10 Jul 07
I owe my life only to God, I am very thankful for my parents for taking care of me, for giving me love and care. But I must thank the Lord God for this wonderful Life.
• Philippines
9 Jul 07
My mom... I owe her almost everything in this earthly life (of course not to mention God who give me breath every second). My mom worked hard for the family... did her best to clothe and feed us especially because my dad wasn't responsible enough. She guided us in our studies - she made our declamation piece and helped us get through our school projects. She taught us a lot about life, morals and about God. She did a lot of mistakes and wrong decisions in life all because she loved us - her kids.