have you ever formated ur system by urself.......?

July 9, 2007 8:59am CST
recently i have bought a new pc and i have xp2 with me.the os which i have installed is not proper it slows my system with 1 gb ram. do u have any solution?and what do u know to do that ur system works faster.?********any tips..........
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• Pakistan
14 Jul 07
Try to make your C Partition shorter and don't keep your important data in C Driver it will help you in frequent formatting of your HDD in order to install new one try keep your pc away from viruses spyware adware trojans or other malicious programs try keep track of your startup items services running and then update your drivers try updating direct X etc hope this help.
@senthil2k (1501)
• India
12 Jul 07
I do format my system myself and never had trouble doing that myself so far. I used to do that frequently when I was using the earlier version of windows. But after windows xp, I just did format once to install it. Thats all. Regarding your performance issue, 1GB Ram should be sufficient enough if your OS is Windows XP and should meet the minimum requirement if your OS is Vista. May be you should think about upgrading your system hardware to the latest processor etc for better performance.
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9 Jul 07
If you say not properly installed what are your basis? and how slow your system is that you considered it slow? because a 1 gb Ram is pretty much enough for a pc, And it depends also in what you are trying to work onto your system? is for games? for applications? slow pc have a lot of possible problem? like if it has a lot of adware spyware? those things make your pc slow when you are using it, And if you are pertaining to startup loading time? tha is another different story. If your pc is slow in starting up try to configure if in windows. go to the run command, then type msconfig then try to choose startup at the top part of the page then close down every application that is useless. restart it and it will load faster. reformatting a drive is very easy and be sure to have all you drivers ready before you start. but if you have anew pc why not go to your dealer and let them do that for you.Be reformatting your last resort because it seems to me that it is only a startup loading time you are basing the slowness of your unit. maybe you have installed alot of application.
• United States
9 Jul 07
I've done it many times. It doesn't bother me in the slightest to reformat things. The most annoying part of it all is having to get all the data off then get it back on. XP should work just fine on 1 GB of ram. It works wonderfully on my computer, and it only has 512 RAM. If you mean Vista, however, then I would suggest (instead of buying the XP Operating System, which is expensive) you buy another GB of Ram and just add that to your computer instead.
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@Nykkee (2523)
• Canada
9 Jul 07
If you are going to format MAKE SURE that you have a working installation disc for windows or whatever operateing system you use and back up all your important files on disc. We recently lost the use of a computer due to an incomplete format and a windows disc that we need some number we don't have in order to use it.
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@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
16 Jul 07
No, when it comes to computers I do not understand them at all. I prefer my husband to handle that because he does have a degree in Computer Science.