tanning membership

United States
July 9, 2007 12:19pm CST
so in september of last year i signed up for a tanning membership. it was supposed to be directly deposited from my bank account. i used it for about 2 months then stopped using it but i still payed for it. after january they stopped deducting the money out of my account. i suppose it was my fault for assuming that my membership was cancelled because they werent charging me. so i log onto my online banking today and i see that theyve charged me 40 dollars. so i called to ask why they are charging me for something im not using. so they tell me that i owe 180 dollars. what?! this is july. its been 7 months since the charged me last and i havent used it but now they say i have to pay the balance if i want to cancel the membership that i thought was already cancelled and they keep charging me until i pay the balance and cancel. i happen to think this is crazy and something just doesnt seem right about the whole situation.
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