Let's play a game

@chrys84 (118)
United States
July 9, 2007 1:59pm CST
I don't know if someone's already done this but i want to try something. Let's play a game! Subject of the game: I'm going to say a quote from a MOVIE and you can't comment unless you know what movie it's from. Rules: 1. You can't comment the same line twice 2. When you do know the movie only include the title and also leave another quote. 3. Come back to check on your quote to see who left a comment and if it was the right movie. IF it was then rate the person as positive, if it wasn't the rate the person as negative. 4. If one whole day has passed and no one know's what movie it was then i will rate that comment as negative and start a new one. 5. Please don't leave any unnecessary or irrelevant comments or they will be reported THANK YOU and let's begin " I feel the need.... the need for speed"
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