The "people I hate" discussion.

July 9, 2007 3:12pm CST
Hey guys, we have this tradition on a message board I go to on a regular basis.. we call it the f***ers thread. Basically, we just list people that have annoyed us recently to get it off our chest. I thought I should start one on here for some group therapy! So who do you hate right now? I hate royal mail for being so slow and striking all the time. I also hate the tv license people for harassing me, I don't have a TV! x
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9 Jul 07
I always felt like the loan consolidation telemarketers were harassing me. I am not even graduated from college yet and they are asking me to consolidate. I told one stop calling me and they told me I had to give them my SS number to confirm who I was off the government database in order to be removed from their list. I told them F*that and hung up. I don't even like answering my phone. I'm sure I could've gotten them in trouble, probably some scam!