Who do you bank with?

July 9, 2007 3:23pm CST
I need to change bank. I've been banking with Natwest, and I've always had little problems, but this week took the mickey! My credit card is 10 weeks late arriving, my online banking stopped working for no reason, a machine ate my cashcard and then ruined it. They told me it was OK. Who do you bank with? Who should I avoid? Help me manage my money! x
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• United States
9 Jul 07
I currently bank with Suntrust. I have been with them since I was eleven. Well sort-of. It was Huntington Bank, then they changed to someone else, and in the last five or so years they changed to Suntrust. They have never done wrong by me.
@jolmartyn (133)
9 Jul 07
I have 2 bank accounts, a Barclays account which just stays in the black. This has Visa attached but I don't do credit. I also have a firstdirect high interest internet account. My Paypal sales goes into this. I take paypal costs out of the Barclays. My money then goes in a complete circle from the Barclays via Paypal and ends in the Firstdirect one. Sounds OK in principle until Paypal decided that they did not like the idea of being an intermediary in my own National accounting system and pulled the plug on the internet banking. I now have to physically take it out of one and put it u=in the other. The wonders of modern banking. By the way we are talking at the most £29 a month here. If I was talking £1000(Dream on!)they would be falling over themselves of course. No Banks only exist for the directors and share holders. I think you have just been unlucky. My advice is find one that costs you nothing whist remaining in the black. They all really strip you bare if you go in the red. Most of all they want a nice healthy rolling overdraft they can charge you for. (With the odd loan thrown in for good measure!)
@xelissa (777)
• New Zealand
9 Jul 07
If you're rich, I suggest opening a Switzerland bank account. They have the highest of the highest security there and if you ever wanted to guard Buckingham Palace, or the Royal Family, you have had to be a guard in Swiss Guard first, and their the world's best. But your money being in Switzerland wouldn't exactly be helpful and could cause inconvienience. You have stated which country you're with so I don't know which I can recommend.
@darkness01 (1304)
9 Jul 07
Im with Nationwide, but for no special reason. They dont offer anything absolutely outstanding that made me choose them, they were just the first place i had a account with. However, i have never had any problems you seem to be having with Natwest so i would reccomend them to you.