A Story that Hurt Listening To... (about what happened when my bf was born)

United States
July 9, 2007 3:25pm CST
Someone who knows my boyfriend's mom told me a story about what happened to her when she had him, and it made me just feel so sad. And I'm not gonna sit there and say she's a bad person for this, but I'm just gonna say the short story. I heard she was in college and a partier. Got pregnant by a man who loved her a lot, but she didn't really wanna be with him. They dated for a while too, but she didn't want to tell him she was pregnant, so that was a secret for a few months. I guess when she finally had her baby, she had a nervous break down and didn't want him. Luckily his grandma took him in and raised him for many years. She actually had to go on medication too because she became depressed, feeling the child ruined her life. During this time the father wanted to be with his son but she pushed him away and dated other guys. Eventually when he was 7 years old the parents got married and he moved in with his mom and dad. But now I see the source of why she has always called him a mistake and he always does whatever she wants cause it's like he owes her. It's really sad and I think he has a low self esteem because deep down I'm sure he knows what happened. I would never tell him this story though. The story made me sad because being his girlfriend it was my choice to be with him, and I love him so much I couldn't imagine his own mother not wanting him and thinking he ruined her entire life. I am sure now seeing him grown up and a successful smart man who graduated from college with a great job she is proud of having him as her son, but still I can see just by the way she talks with him she is bitter. We're long distance now and I seem to be angry at him a lot cause I can't see him cause his mom keeps having his little 12 year old brother live with him for weeks at a time. I don't even know how to express how much I want him in my life, other than telling him I wish he'd have more time for me and being upset that he doesn't seem to. I am sure a lot of new, young mothers go through what his mother did, (however she was 20) but that was still so sad to hear. :-(
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• Philippines
10 Jul 07
Do you think the reason why your boyfriend agreed to attend his 12-year old brother is to somehow win his mom's affection? It's sad... how come a mother dislike her own son. But it's so good that you love him and accepted him as he is. Although yes of course i do wish too that he will have more time with you... the thing that worries me is that maybe his mom will use this in the future to control him - hope it won't happen. Just continue on showing him your love, care and support. But there is one thing I'd like you to take note... please do make an assessment based on your experience and observation - try to look at the possible things that may break your relationship so you can guard it or prepare for it. He might want his mom's love more than anything I don't know. I wish I could tell you a story quite similar to yours... but well, i'll try next time. Take care and blessings.