Scam and Scamper

@phoebs (22)
United States
July 9, 2007 4:46pm CST
Have any of you being scammed before? Well, I did have some encounters with those scampers. My very first encounter was I advertised and advertisement in craiglist - an online site. I offer lesson in that ad. Then I was so happy that I got a few replies that shows interest in taking up the class that offered by me. Then something fishy going on, they ask for my rate per hour and my address. I reply with my course outline and rate, without the address. Then those people asking for my address persistently, so I told them the city I am in and where about with refer to the landmark. Then they keep asking. At first I thought, may be they just want to get a good estimation of location, still I did not tell them my exact address, because I normally conduct my lesson in some quite cafe. Then the requester said he is going to send a check with amount that is more then what my tuition cost, then ask me to pass the remaining to his cousin that take care of his son that is going to take the lesson from me..... then of course I reply,I prefer the cousin to pass me the exact change in cash for the first lesson. Then things get ugly..... The requester reply with funny reply like " I am so disappointed, cos I trusted you, blah, blah....." then I reply him that it is strange that you trusted some one that you never even met with that amount of money then your own cousin that is taking care of your child. Then no more reply from him. I received a few similar request too, I guess should be from the same group of people. So be careful. I really wonder what is going on in those scamper mind. How would they feel if one day their dear friend or son, daughter being scam a big sum of money...... do they think that others people money is earn easily without sweat and hard work?
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@susan489 (19)
• United States
9 Jul 07
I got scammed before my cashfiesta and =(
@phoebs (22)
• United States
10 Jul 07
Sorry to hear that. did you manage to get your money back or report police?