Safeguard soap

United States
July 9, 2007 6:47pm CST
I use Safeguard soap to fight germs along with body wash. What type of bar soap do you use everyday?
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@Kalyni2011 (3503)
• India
11 May 11
Hello i am from india, we don't have Safe guard soap, but in our bath room you will can see Dettol soap with which we wash hands after pee or poo, near our wash basin, where we brush out teeth etc etc you can she a bottle of Dettol hand wash , that we use always, it is habit of all, We have trained our Grand daughter Subhee too, good habits must be learnt from very young age. Thank you so much for sharing Happy posting, cheers. Namastey. Kalyani
• United States
16 May 11
I wonder if Dettol soap is anti-bacteria just like Safeguard. Like Dettol soap, Safeguard comes in a soap bar and hand soap. I'm hoping if Safeguard could come in a body wash soon.
@cream97 (29167)
• United States
22 Mar 11
Hi. Peppersquirrel. I used to use Safeguard soap when I was a teenager. My grandmother used to buy this for us to wash with. I thought the scent was okay. I like it because it killed germs. But now as an adult, I use Dove soap only.
• United States
8 Apr 11
I sometimes use Safeguard and now I see myself using other brands as well. I have been using different varieties of Dial soap. I am also using body washes such as Aveeno and Olay.
• Philippines
10 Sep 10
We use Safeguard in our house especially to get rid of germs of our hands. But I don't personally use them on my body, because it makes my skin dry. I use another type of brand.
• United States
11 Sep 10
I went to a dollar store and found Safeguard hand soap on display for the first time. I use Dial soap hand soap in my bathroom sink. I now use Safeguard bar soap for body, but most of the time I use Dial soap as well.
• Philippines
1 Apr 08
hahaha, i don't like safe guard, it makes my skin dry... :P i use dove cause dove is the best soap for me, it makes my skin smooth.. ^_^ i only use safe guard to wash my hands. ^_^
• United States
2 Apr 08
I guess you're not interested in anti-bacteria soaps. Maybe an anti-bacteria body wash of any brand may be suitable.
• Philippines
10 Jul 07
i have the hype for whitening bar soaps. i have no particular brand but, just anything that says has whitening properties in them. lately, i've been using cream body wash and found out that it doesn't dry my skin much like my bar soap.
• United States
2 Apr 08
I enjoy using Olay products, especially in a cream body wash with moisturizer. Olay helps my skin feel natural and smooth.
@ECHECH (45)
• Philippines
22 Oct 08
i have this soap battle with my husband. i'm not normally picky with soaps, or brands for that matter, but he always loves safeguard. i don't have anything against safeguard, it's just that probably i'm allergic to it because my skin feels itchy every time i use it. it probably only reacts that way to me, and not to any other user i know. but i do commend safeguard still as one of the leading family soaps around. i do love its different scents though...
@marazh (88)
• Philippines
31 Mar 08
i use safeguard.. then after that i use bath gel. i just don't feel comfortable if i won't use safeguard
@liera0 (280)
• Philippines
12 Dec 07
At the moment I use Palmolive soap. I use Safeguard to wash my face. It had help on my pimple problem before but I am still using it. I like the biege scent much.
@Inky261 (2524)
• Germany
9 Jul 07
I buy Aldi`s own brand. It is good, it is effective and it is cheap.