Is computer adict the human beings?

@c2pvnr89 (102)
July 9, 2007 11:30pm CST
All of them are know Computer is an electronic device.. But now a days computers are not treated as a device, computers are treated as a friend. Because computer helps many ways to human beings in the way of gathering informations through internet, perform calculations, done some DTP work through some softwares etc... now a days the computer is placed in all places like offices, stations, homes etc... Now a days computer is the backbone of the goverments, business peoples, working peoples etc.. Computers done maximum number of works are done by computers in human life except some physical work of human beings... I think computers are adict the people!!! what do you think about computers and my message????
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@allah3 (171)
• India
10 Jul 07
if this question ask to me.. i really say is it true ...because of computer many advantage;;;it reduce the work of human beings... do all works besides human cannot do...without pc human cannot persue his life so he adict to it
• Philippines
17 Jul 07
i can hardly say that my computer is my friend, it's a 'tool'. I can't talk to it and tell my problems to it, but it does allow me to connect to the internet and find and make friends. I can watch a movie on it, though it can't talk with me and discuss how the movie was great or how it sucked. It's hard to say that your computer is your friend because it has 'many advantages' or 'can do all work that you can't do'. Turn it the other way around. Do you have a best friend? A Why is he or she your friend? Is it because he/she has 'many advantages' or 'can do the all the work that you can't or won't do'?
• India
18 Jul 07
Yes its true. Some people treat comouters as thier life!i mean they treat them more then anything he has in his life computers are such a preciuos thing which has made everything possible in the world.