@mrddln (458)
July 10, 2007 2:30am CST
are people just selfish? even when you do something for someone else, do you do it because subconsciously, you want them to do something for you in return? if you show you love someone, and they dont love you back, do you still love them because you hope that someone else will notice and love you for being such a loving person?
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@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
10 Jul 07
Doing good to a neighbour or even a stranger has an intrinsic value-a selfless man/woman will always do good for purely goodness'sake and not necessarily for reward. But you see, when you spontaneously do good, those who are beneficiaries of your good gestures, if they have a heart at all, never forget you. That simple act of doing good eventually translates into a safety-net for you and your generation. This is a very round world, it has surjourners who are both malign and benign-tomorrow you meet some one you rescued from the canines of lion and he/she will not even give a second look at you! But the next day you meet another one you gave a really good turn and he/she will save you from your most awkward predicament. My advice is this, do good selflessly,dont expect anything for it and dont even talk about it-let the other side be touched spontaneously! This applies to love-you are either loved or not, you cant force someone you love so dearly to love you back-its a chemistry which you have nothing to do about!
• Vietnam
10 Jul 07
sometime I may do something for someone because I wait for the reaction but if I like ones, I can do things for them without waiting. Although that, I never try to show my love in order to get someone's sympathies.