Do you fear that somebody read your diary without permission?

@miaolin (397)
July 10, 2007 2:44am CST
Diary is a so private thing and seems like our own private land and can't be invaded.But there still some people who are curious about others' diary,especially our parents when we are small.At that time,I also wrote diary and put it in a hidden place.No matter where I put it,my mum could find it out.I hate it so much,so I didn't write diary since that matter.Whatever happened I always keep them in mind and don't write them down.Since I entered into university,I went on writting.Because of my major is english,I write diary in english everyday.My mum does't know english,so I needn't to find place to hid it.I can put it on my desk obviously. Do your diary have been read by others without permission?What's your solution?Share your funny story with us!:)
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