Have you ever been wicked for the sake of being wicked?

@student7 (1002)
United States
July 10, 2007 6:08am CST
Have you just been in that wicked sort of mood just to be wicked. I don't mean mean so don't say that I am a mean person. I mean when you just are so tired of being tired and you just start doing weird wicked things just so you can laugh. I get that way when I am really tired. I actually feel like that right now. How about you?
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@mandala100 (50705)
• Hong Kong
11 May 17
Yup during my youngers years maybe.
• Malaysia
8 Aug 07
Yeah, when I am tired I will do funny things just to amuse myself. I don't care if it doesn't amuse others, it is only for my own relief from the tiredness. Sometimes I would just lie down, but by making myself laugh the relief is much better because I can turn my emotion into a happy feeling. So I guess, we are the same.
@kimthedane (1000)
• Denmark
13 Jul 07
You know me babes, so there is no denial. Yes i love wicked so i try being wicked all the time, lol. Wickednes create laughter, provocation and debate. So haleluja for the wicked may they long live in this wicked world.