United States
July 10, 2007 12:20pm CST
Has anyone ever witness a spirit, and strange things happening in the home. My biological father died about 8 months ago, I was not very close to him, but at the funeral , the preacher began to speak about things such as we are cocoons, and then we are set free, and a butterfly came out of no where landed on my lap, then went right next to me on my sisters lap. I lost it, I felt like it was hime saying its me and I am ok
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21 Oct 07
Hiya, My experience was very similar to yours with the butterflies. I woke up during the night and i saw two blue butterflies dancing in the air about a foot away from my face. They were there for about 30 seconds and then disappeared. I wasnt scared at all, i just sensed that it was my father telling me that he was okay now. I also had two other experiences that i had woken up too during the night. Both times it was like a spark of light dancing in the air near the ceiling. Again it lasted for a few seconds and then disappeared. I felt a strong feeling again that it was my Father saying everything is okay now. It could be said that perhaps i was dreaming, and i do believe my conscious mind was still asleep, but my sub-conscious mind was wide awake and i could see and sense what was happening around me. Spirits often communicate via our sub-conscious minds because our conscious mind automatically adds filters and thus puts doubts in our minds. I have heard many reports like yours too though of real butterflies and birds that seem to be sending a message during our waking hours. I think it is a wonderful form of communication from the spirit world, one which comforts rather than frightens us.