Are you part of a Mom's group?

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July 10, 2007 3:42pm CST
Mom's In Touch, MOPS, any others? I don't go to any national groups like MOPS, but our church has a young mom's group and I love it. We do stuff during the day with the kids once a month. And once a month we try to plan a mom's only activity. I have made so many friends through this and it allows me to get out with just the girls once in awhile. Fortunately my husband is very supportive of this. What about you? Are you in a group? What is your favorite thing about it?
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@tutor1235 (113)
• United States
12 Jul 07
I've been in and out of moms' groups for years-I think they are the very best thing, particularly for a young mom or one who stays at home. They provide companionship at a time in your life that can be very, very lonely, and everyone needs adult companionship to be a good parent. I've been a part of Moms In Touch, done workshops for local MOPS groups, and organized a playgroup here in our town. I would highly recommend getting involved with a group that matches your needs and interests, or even starting one if need be. Check your local church, school, preschool/daycare center, or even the family section of your local newspaper, but GET CONNECTED!
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11 Jul 07
I am not. I used to be. It was started by a girl I met online that actually lived 1/2 mile from me. Found out she had been arrested for something and her jerk, child abusing husband stole cars for a living. NICE! My sister belongs to one. We have 4 kids each. Her son and my youngest are both 6, but I don't "fit" in with her group of moms..all of them have money to burn pretty much or act like they do. I want some genuine, real, fun moms to hang out with while my 6 yr old plays! A fun, laughing, "let's go grab a Margarita" mom.
@makingpots (11928)
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10 Jul 07
Yes, I am part of many mom's groups and I don't know what I would do without them. The most active one I belong to is one I found on That is a great place to go for any type of group you might be interested in. If there is not one in your area you can start one yourself. They have all the logistical, organizational tools in place, you just have to do the planning. ...Oh, sorry, this turned into a commercial for and I don't even work for them. Bottom line, yes, mom's groups are wonderful. I recommend finding one to all mom's with young kids. There is also a Mom's club International that organizes groups by zip code and that is really a helpful way to meet people in your immediate area.
@sunshine4 (8710)
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10 Jul 07
Unfortunately for me, when my kids were little, I was looking around for a MOPS group but there wasn't any in my area. Now that my kids are older, my church has just started a MOPS group. I think that they are great groups:) Anyone who has the opportunity to join one should attend.