@nonavy04 (123)
United States
July 10, 2007 5:20pm CST
Mylotters, Who as seen that new Fantastic 4 movie? I think the idea of silver surfer is pretty cool.
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@vicki2876 (5640)
• Canada
11 Jul 07
We watched it here because my youngest loves superheroes and liked the first movie. BUT... This one stunk! First it is short, there really isn't much to it, secondly it is basically a "trying to get married movie", there isn't much action just watching them try to get married with all this stuff going on. Not much about the silver surfer and the thing he works for. Thirdly my boys lost interest in it and started to play with each other during the movie, and they sat through glued to Pirates of the Carribean At world's end. And that was LONG! I think it is fine for a dvd night but not worth spending the money in the theatre. Vicki
@nonavy04 (123)
• United States
11 Jul 07
vicki, Thank - you for your response, I've heard that this movie is better then the 1st one but still not very good. You've pretty much confirmed what I was thinking in that I'll stay home and wait for the DVD. How old are your boys? I have 3...12, 11 and 10 and we all love super heroes. I can't wait until the Justice League movie that's being talked about comes out. I understand tht Marvel has it's own production company now and that a new version of the HULK and Iron Man are in the works. Tom