Do you talk to your co-passengers in a long journey?

@jade1986 (567)
July 10, 2007 9:16pm CST
You might be travelling by plane, or train, or even by a bus. But if the journey is long and if you are alone, it can be very very boring. In that case what do you do? Do you take the initiative to start talking to your co-passengers? In that way, the boredom can be reduced... Or do you prefer to stay silent and solve puzzles?
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@maximax8 (28560)
• United Kingdom
11 Jul 07
I don't chat to other passengers when I am on a bus or train in the UK very often. This is because they are not awfully friendly. When I was at college one of my friends tried to smile at and joke passengers on the London underground. He was not successful at cheering any of the miserable looking people up. However if I see someone from overseas I usually start a conversation with them. I have met some nice people this way. On an bus going to the airport I chatted to a very interesting man from Zimbabwe. On a train I talked to a very pleasant girl from the USA. She was from San Diego, a place I have been to before. When I am flying somewhere I usually chat a bit to the people sitting next to me. It can be interesting to compare the plans we have for our holidays. Most of all I liked it when I was on an internal flight in the Maldives. I sat next to a local man and he pointed out of the plane window to the island that he lived on. He told me it would be another hour by boat once he reached Gan Airport. It was an island that tourists were not allowed on.
• Philippines
11 Jul 07
depending on the mood and the type of passengers i'm with. :) when i travel alone in a plane, i would prefer to sleep... that's my priority. coz during business travels, i rarely get enough sleep. however, i always end up talking to my seatmate as if he/she is a long lost friend. i'm not that chatty or bubbly, but i'm very accommodating. i don't usually initiate the talk coz i'm really a very quiet person. but when we start talking, i'm really engaged. i don't get easily bored coz there's always sleep to turn to. :) lucky enough, out of these, i usually find very helpful strangers who gave up their seat for me in the pre-departure areas, some would give me their baggage allowance of 20kgs etc. those are really nice. :) funny thing is, during my visits with a few asian countries like korea, indonesia, singapore, malaysia and cambodia... i always try to speak a little of the language... that most of the time, i get mistaken for a local. :) hahaha when i'm in another country, people ask me for directions, for a ballpen to write on their immigration card/pass etc. because they mistook me for a local. at one point, a taiwanese couple left their 6-month old baby in my care while they try to grab a bite in the restaurant in the ship. i don't know what it is about me that seem to draw people in sometimes. :)
@Jemina (5783)
11 Jul 07
I used to do that when I was in the Philippines but not here in Thailand anymore because I cannot communicate in Thai LOL! One time though when I was in college there was a bigot who sat next to me in a bus. He asked about my religion and started to bash me with his questions. When I couldn't satisfy him by my answers he told me, "You better read your Bible again!" I was embarrassed. First, I didn't even start the conversation and then he ended it up with a triumphant sarcastic smile. Since then I told myself not to talk to strangers in the bus...