What cat do you prefer ?

July 11, 2007 3:47am CST
Hi I was wondering what sort of cats all of you guys prefer. I know I kind of like the Ragdoll kind, but I do not have any yet, as I do not have my own place yet (and we have a dog, or well the rest of the familie living here has a dog) but what cats are you prefering.
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@w1z111 (985)
• United States
11 Jul 07
I happen to love cats, but I usually make no distinction with regard to breed, as they're all wonderful creatures, to me. We currently have two cats. Both of them came to us as kitten "strays" who were "lost or abandoned"...and each story of how they "found us" is heartwarming, indeed! Cats seem to have some kind of innate ability to communicate with "their people"; they learn how to ask for food, or to go outside, or to seek attention in other ways, don't you think? Cats also have the ability to "read minds" (or so it seems sometimes!); they know when you're not feeling well, and will often try to curl up with you so their warm, purring bodies are cuddled against the very spot(s) on your body that feel uncomfortable...as a means of providing comfort and even promoting healing(?) Yes...cats are wonderful! I hope you get to have your own soon. Just as an aside comment: Dogs are also quite wonderful...they, too, can provide unconditional love and affection in similar ways to cats...although they tend to be a bit more 'maintenance' effort. Good luck!