How many things are in your Watched list on ebay??

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July 11, 2007 4:23am CST
my mom sells on ebay and is always complaining about haveng tons of watchers and no bidders. I put a lot of stuff in my watched list too. how many things do you have in your watched list and how many do you actually plan on bidding on?? i have 10 things in my watched list and plan on bidding on one of them for sure.
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13 Jul 07
I usually have about 25 items in my watched list. I watch items that I am interested in bidding on. I also watch items that are the same or similar to something I have listed or would like to list(kind of a price comparison. I sometimes tag things that I would like to know more about until I have time to contact the seller and see if they have any knowledge they are willing to share. I could not run a computor 2 years ago and I had a lot of help learning to do ebay. I try to help(pay it forward) anyone who has a questions they need help with even if it doesnt pertain to an item I am selling. getskinny23
@Bizziebod (3526)
11 Jul 07
Well this all depends whether you do ebay for fun or whether it's your business. I can have up to 15 things at a time being watched. Two or three will be of my competitors prices and I know they watch mine too. I sometimes keep things on watch till the last minute as I love a bargain, but try and see cheaper ones before that one ends, if the price goes too high than I want to bid then I don't bother (It also gives other bidders a false sense of security as sometimes they think they have no competition and just put one bid on, then sneaky me comes along and puts a bid on with 4 seconds to go..) Sometimes I watch things that I might want to bid on but if something else comes along and I can't afford it then obviously I lose out.
@horsesrule (1961)
• United States
11 Jul 07
I usually have at least one or two things on my ebay watched list. Sometimes its because I want to bid on the item and want to remind myself about it and other times its because I don't have the money and I am hoping to get the money so that I can bid on it or it's because I want to know what that item is selling for because I either want it or because I have one that I want to sell and I want to know what they are going for. I think that covers it all!