long or short period of courtship?

July 11, 2007 5:11am CST
Courtship. My idea of courtship when I was in grade school is the most traditional way. Like giving gifts and flowers, then going to my house meet my parents, be friends with my lists of friends. wait for several months or years unitl the girl finally say yes to the guy. but it totally change now that im in college, everything is so fast. theres cellphone where you can always text each others nice qoutes and patch up things to each other when you cant spend the day with your partner. you can even court a girl through texting. you can have as many girlfriends as you can and not being caught. They say that it really doesnt matter whether its long or short courtship for as long as you like each other then go for it. But what happen if you really dont get to know the person personal background? What if hes a freak or paranoid? is it a part of the risk that we should take? What happen to the traditional way of courtship? does it still exist? is it right for me to just dream of a real courtship?
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