God is not for us to understand but for us to enjoy

July 11, 2007 6:24am CST
Many people around the world are always asking who God is. But do we know that God does not desire us to know Him? All that he longed for is that we might enjoy Him. No matter how we would try to understand who He is, the more we will be filled with questions and doubts. And that is what is happening to most of the people. Man cannot understand God unless he is filled with God's life, essence, and nature. The people of Israel never understood the Lord because they were filled with knowledge in their minds. All that they reasoned was that Jesus could not be their king because He was so lowly and accused Him of blasphemy. Whereas the sinners and the Gentiles believed in Him without any question and without any doubt. Blessed are those who believe in God without any questioning of who he is.
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