July 11, 2007 7:32am CST
what will you choose between AVG and NORTON anti-viruses and why?
4 responses
@alpine_007 (1476)
• Pakistan
11 Jul 07
i have used tnorton antivirus and i think that it is really very good and works perfectly to prevent the computer from viruses
@kiba16 (1016)
• Italy
11 Jul 07
i prefer AVG beacause is cheaper and easier in my opinion...
@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
11 Jul 07
I have Nortan Anti-virus installed on my computer and till now I have never had any problems with it.It is user-friendly anti-virus which is easily suitable for any type of computers and laptops.Another good thing about Nortan anti-virus is that their are latest virus updates available on his home site by which our Nortan anti-virus stays up to date as daily thousands of viruses are created which old versions of anti-virus softwares cant detect but by Installing latest virus definitions latest created viruses are easily detected and kills the virus before that virus does any harm in your computer.I have heard name o AVG anti-virus a lot but till now not used it.So,I will prefer Nortan Anti-virus over Avg anti-virus software.
• Malaysia
11 Jul 07
in my desktop computer i use AVG but in my notebook i use NORTON and i think both are great but i prefer use NORTON because it protecting system more good than AVG but AVG is cheaper tha NORTON even like that i still prefer NORTON.