is it oil spill

@sunny916 (151)
United Arab Emirates
October 25, 2006 6:11am CST
Hey how are u all, ok i just want to share some thing that happned some days back.Me and my wife went to a popular Beach in UAE (not in Dxb) out side and we did not play around much in water but we just walked with the waves near the shore and collecting shells and after some time my wife felt some thing strange under her feet see means its all oil stain on the legs man i got so wild but what to do took a stone and tried to take it out but no luck so came home took some nail polish remoer and took it out what it could have been it smellet like oil and i am pretty sure it is and more over thir is no ship dock or some thing around or is it to show the World that Mid East is Full of oil around LOL!!!!!!
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