wat to do??? my best friend has just proposed..

July 11, 2007 10:15am CST
hi guys i got a proposal today from my a very unlikely source....he was my best friend right from my school days...bt never hav i considered him to b my love...frther im already in lov with another...i couldnt believe my ears when he said tat he had always loved me and i hav been a stupid to realize it...i couldnt reply him i just walked away..i wont break his heart he s too good to me for tat...wat should i do?? i wish to b a friend of him also
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• Philippines
15 Jul 07
I would suggest that you be honest with him and tell him how you really feel. If you see him just as a friend, do not hesitate to say but no matter what, prepare yourself for the outcome. Just tell him that as much as possible you wanted to keep your friendship with him but if the results wouldnt be like this, just accept it.
@maean_19 (4662)
• Philippines
12 Jul 07
Be honest to him. If you don't love him or if you love him as your sole best ever friend, then let him know it. That requires courage and a tough job, but you have to be true to him. Perhaps, he can't just control what he really feels for you and proposed to you. That really happens especially to opposite genders best of friends. That happened to me many times and dealt with it. You know his personality and if you think he is the open minded type, then that's an advantage to you. It would be easier to talk when the other person has an open minded thinking. Good luck!
@rinaaus (1203)
• Australia
12 Jul 07
just tell him what you told here! very simple that "you wish to be a friend of him" why you have to be worry too much, if you want to be friend, be honest to your friend!
@Jessem (372)
• Mauritius
11 Jul 07
Hi POO! Its true that you are really stuck on this crossrooad of life. I would have advice you to re consider your best friend's marriage proposal. I had also started a discussion about best friends and many people told me that they have married their best mates. Im not telling you that you must do it bkoz many people have done it but you can also find your love in best friend unless you try to. He has loved you for so many years and im sure if you marry him you wont your regret your decision one day. If you tell him that you are already in love with someone else i think he will swallow this bitter truth silently though his heart will be tearing apart. Rest assure that he will be by your side whenever you need him. Dont think with your heart in this matter he will not help but mislead you to take the wrong step.
• Kottayam, India
11 Jul 07
It is life's questions, you can not just make any decisions act wisely.
• United States
11 Jul 07
Just tell him the same thing you are telling us. Just tell him that you see him as a friend and that you have feelings for another guy. You think it would be fair for him if you didn't love him like he loves you. Best of luck hun!