Do you tip? How much?

@babykay (2133)
July 11, 2007 3:35pm CST
Something I notice that is catching on in Ireland is tipping. A few years back nobody tipped, except perhaps in restaurants. But now it seems mandatory to tip hairdressers at least ten euro after they charge you around 100 for colour. Its seems taxi drivers expect tips, delivery persons also. Whats the custom in your country? And what do you think of it? How much do you tip? I am not pleased about the new developments as regards tipping in Ireland. Its because I always feel obliged to tip and only rarely will I not do so. As everyone in Ireland will agree, prices are high enough without having to tip as well. No doubt greedy employers will factor tipping into wages also...
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@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
11 Jul 07
I am a Canadian and we tip. My husband is Australian and he never tipped till he came to this country. We work in the taxi industry and get tips most of the time. I only expect a tip when I go above and beyond the call of duty. Since I work in the service industry I tip waiters and hairdressers, gas jockies and other menial jobs. In a perfect world everyone would be paid enough in wages that no one would need to tip.
@babykay (2133)
• Ireland
11 Jul 07
I agree that in a perfect world we would not tip as everyone would have enough. Seriously though, a haircut costs around 80 euro in Ireland and then you tip 10 on top of that? I think the problem is that the business owners are making too much money and won't pay those working from them enough. Like you, I only believe in tipping if the person serving me goes well beyond the norm.
• United States
11 Jul 07
I tip 20% which is the custom. I tip hairdresser, taxi, busboy/girl, delivery, maids at hotel and that pretty much covers the services I use. At hotels the least amount to leave is $5 but since I have 5 children I leave more.