Quantum Leap episode: Killin' Time

United States
July 12, 2007 2:01am CST
My favorite episode of Quantum Leap is from the fifth season (though I miss the original opening music from previous seasons). It's the episode entitled "Killin' Time" where Sam Beckett leaps into Stiles, a demented killer. Maybe it's cause they finally let you in on the details of the Quantum Leap project (although obviously we haven't come up with the technological advantages shown in the so-called "year 1999"). But that part where Stiles sees himself in a mirror in the future, and you see that people really see him as Sam Beckett, is just really powerful. The whole episode is like some psychological thriller. Definitely a great episode from start to finish. Especially since you get to see more about the Quantum Leap headquarters, though it is kind of interesting from the view point that you only see Sam's side of things. A wholly fascinating episode.
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