Do you like to play Quake-4 computer game?

July 12, 2007 9:43am CST
Quake 4 is the follow up of the popular multiplayer deathmatch game Quake-3 arena.However,the single player campaign story is a direct sequel of the older Quake-2.The story of Quake-4 goes like that you are Kane,a corporal fighting alongside a human army against aliens of the other world called strogg.although Quake-4 is a multiplayer game but I personally am not a big deathmatch games fan.I need a story,and some purpose to to want to run around for hours on end,shooting everything in sight.Perhaps ridding the solar system of aliens isn't exactly new or exciting but reason's are enough to pop in a game that needs a lot of hard disk space and boost the best graphics till date. Anyway,it was all worth the wait and initial frustration.The game has good gameplay,decent AI and an entertaining story line.The graphics are also amazing even at the mere high quality mode.
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@scottology (1213)
12 Jul 07
no i do not like to play quake 4 computer game