one job to another.. is it good?

July 12, 2007 9:55am CST
I have been transferring companies from one to another. i have worked for a company in a year then transferred to a different year and had stayed there for a year and 6 months. now, i am working in a new company for almost 3 months and i feel like transferring again because i feel like the work is just a routine. will this affect me as a person, my career, my future, my employment record? I just feel that i can do whatever kind of job i may be into. Not to boast, I am so thankful to God that I havent been turned down by a company. Am I too confident because of this? IS this good? or i may need to stay for while in one company?
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@excellence7 (3477)
• Mauritius
26 May 08
In one sense it rather good, this way, you can amass knowledge and work experience from different field, yet it also suggests that you lack a strong sense of stability :(
@wilynn (753)
• Singapore
12 Jul 07
Its not a very good idea to jump from one company to another. However, I am also such a person. On the average, every year, I change company. To look at it in the other way, its my poor luck to have found such lousy company or that other people is paying better. I guess it is ok when young because you are sourcing around. Some older folks say its really bad but come on, they did not realise that people last time are not so mean and are not cheaters. They don't cheat your salary. Nowsadays, even if the company does not belong to them and they do not benefit from it, some executives just unreasonably press down the salary scale.