will argentina win this year's copa-america

July 12, 2007 12:52pm CST
will they win?if your answer is yes,then please explain why will they win the cup?
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8 Jan 08
I didn't watch it. I honestly couldn't say if they could, I personally don't rate there side. apart from a few players, they lack the class they put into the sport and that's why they can't make a final. I don't mean to sound personal, I know england haven't put anything into the game probably since starting it LOL ~Joey P.s I'm talking world cup wise.
@murciaman (441)
13 Jul 07
No doubt about it.Argentina are by far the best team in Sout America at the moment with a plethora of top players.Messi,Riquelme, Ayala, Heinze,Tevez, Mesherano and Veron are all world class players withthe skill and technique to beat any team Their opponents Brazil are living on past reputation..their current squad is nowhere near as good as previous Brazil sides and their manager Dunga , knows this .He relies more on tactics than natural skill and ability to win games.They only scraped into the final with a penalty shoot out the second time against Uruguay in two Copa Americas...with the exception of Ronaldino Brazil are struggling to find top players... i think this is becasue most of their players now move to European clubs and their skills are stifled by the tactics emplyed in the Europena club game... however the best team doesnt always win in cup finals so wont be surprised of Brazil win on sunday but Argentina are definitely the better team...
• Indonesia
13 Jul 07
i think yes, because argentina has a good team spirit and their performance is stabile, and if we see brazil their performance is unpredictable..so i will bet for argentina..
@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
13 Jul 07
Argentina has a great chance of winning the this years copa-America cup but Brazil is also a good team and have proved the potentials before.I will be a entertaining match between both the nations as they both will try to win this years Copa-America championship title.Argentina has great lineup but Brazil cant be taken so cheaply because they also have few players which can change the look of match in a few minutes.Brazil have won far more times in a world cup match when these both teams have encountered each other and also Brail has the record of winning the Football world cup titles more than any country.So,it will not at all be easy for Argentinian players to win the finals of Copa-America against Brazilians.
@darkness01 (1304)
12 Jul 07
I think they will beat Brazil and win the Copa America yes. Why? because they have the better players but more importantly they have the players that are in better form. Riquelme, Tevez and Messi are on fire at the moment and i think that attacking trio will rip through the not so great Brazil back four. I predict 2-0 to Argentina.