How to sell your product on ebay

July 12, 2007 12:55pm CST
I have heard about this site that is used for selling used products.I have a lot and i need to sell some of my old items like my mobile.Will I be able to sell it for a good rate.Is their any techniques to be followed for selling.Ebay users kindly help me..
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24 Jul 07
Hello, I can show you all the ins and outs of auction sites. I have lots of experience (good, bad, and ugly). I just requested you to be my MyLot friend. Post a personal message and I will tell you all the nitty gritty stuff of auction sites.
@redfang (969)
25 Jul 07
HEHEHEHEHE somehow i read what you put and i can't help but laugh because it sounds so sleazy lol the way you call it " nitty gritty " thats put a smile on my face for the rest of the day lol.
@redfang (969)
24 Jul 07
If you have items to sell then what you might want to do before you list them on ebay is to check out the completed listing for that exact same product then you can get an idea of what price your item is likely to sell for. It might be a good idea to do a little buying or selling of small items to get a little feedback as some buyers are reluctant to buy expensive items from a new seller with little or no feedback so that might be a good thing to start with. If you find that your items might not sell for a decent amount it might be worth you while selling them privatly at a carboot/garden sale/garage sale etc or even localls in a paper. When selling on ebay you must take into account the listing fee and the final value fee and also paypals fee if you are accepting payments through them, these fee's can really eat into your profits so you must take them into account when selling. Some sellers tend to offset some of their fee's into the postage costs, your not supposed to but it's common place. I hope that might be some help towards yours ebay selling feel free to msg me if i can help ny further. regards redfang