Text Messaging an Entire Conversation!

United States
July 12, 2007 4:42pm CST
One of my friend's text messages me a lot. I don't really mind that she does, but I don't want to have an ENTRIE CONVERSATION through text. I more view texting as a way for quick answers, or a way to talk when your in a place that you can't. I was wondering how other people feel about this. Do you prefer to just text, or do you call the person, especially when you know the conversation is going to be long?
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• United States
5 Apr 08
LOL. It depends on the person I'm texting with. If there really is no way that we can talk then I don't mind having a whole conversation by text. If we can talk, I'd rather they called me later at a designated time.
@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
29 Mar 08
My daughater is kind of like that. If she texts me, she doesn't have to deal with any questions I might ask! She wants to say it and have it done. Well, sometimes I have to say something to! But she don't get it. Well. she gets it, she just don't want it! She got us new phones this weeka nd on this one, if your message it to long, it automatically seperate into more than one message. So you read one, the stop, scroll through a few things and read the next part , stop and repeat. Good grief, call me and we could be done in a minute!
@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
9 Oct 07
Personally, it really depends whether I'm currently busy or not. I don't text much but when I do, I see to it that I have said all that I wanted to say in one sending. This proves to be economical on my part, too. But when I feel that there will be clarifications and varied opinions, I prefer to call them or them calling me, or better yet, to meet in person is more appropriate. I'm also annoyed or irritated at the thought that an acquaintance or a friend will treat the mobile phone as a chatting device for both of us. I believe that each one should respect other people in terms of time, money, privacy, and effort.
@dafnie (382)
• United States
12 Jul 07
on a 'qwerty' phone, Yes, i wouldn't mind texting! but if it's a regular phone, no it's way to annoying. all in all, i like texting just for fun short cute convos, but if it's a long conversation, talking could be better.
@joice86 (1079)
• Philippines
12 Jul 07
Hi animalrum! No, I don't call because it is expensive. Texting is far cheaper than calling that's why. I am very patient typing long messages so it's alright for me to text. I am used to it anyway. And that's how we communicate with my friends. Calling is not for us.
@Coolgeth (1215)
• India
12 Jul 07
Hi Animalrum!! Welcome to myLot!! Yup i too prefer calling a person than a text messaging..But sometimes you know somethings cannot be talked or expressed in phone in that situation Text messaging helps me a lot..Thanks