globalization , a friend or a foe

@mrddln (458)
July 12, 2007 9:27pm CST
Do you believe that globalization is a friend? in what ways that you believe that it is a friend. And what ways that you believe that it becomes a foe?
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@beyond12 (77)
• China
25 Jul 07
I believe globalization is a friend because it created a bridge between the developed and the developing countries.Maybe it is a sword which has opportunity and risk.Anyhow,it will generate a great influnce on the world and intensify the relations .So it is a friend ,not a foe
• Hungary
22 Jul 07
Well, first of all, many think that globalization is something new. I don'think so; just think about the ancient empires of Egypt, Babilon, Greece, and Rome. There was a widespread trade at the time and people traveled from country to county (for example slave trade). I also think that it has more advantages, however it is what we make of it. Millions of people in the poor world now have a job and thus can support their families. On the other hand, however, most of these people are worked at wages that are low according to the living standards of their countries also. Also mind the poor working conditions, affecting the health of these people. Most of the people working in horrible conditions would not complain, because the measly money that they make is still better than nothing, that's why it is the responsible of the international employer and international human rights organisations to deal with this issue. Without globalisation the world would not be as technologically advanced. For example, the arabs invented the arab numbers and especially the concept of 0. Israelites introduced Jesus and Christianity to Europe, making Europe to be a widely scattered people groups continent into a unified continent, with more or less the same social and political and economical structures (kingdoms, feudalism, trade). Europe, among others, gave sciences to the world (printing, physics, chemistry, biology). Asia gave the world, first gunpowder, and also many ship building technologies. Africa gave the world raw minerals, Egyptian technologies, and moorish building engineering. North America gave us such plants as corn, potato (potato later became a very important food of the many poor of the medieval Europe), and US and Canadian technologies. South America gave a lot of gold (basis of medieval finances and economy), trees, (for shipbuilding) In a nutshell these are the results of globalization
@friendship (2085)
• Canada
13 Jul 07
I think globalization has more advantages over localization. Because of globalization, many people from different countries can learn from each other in terms of technology, science, etc. Internet, for instance, was invented because of globalization idea (at least some of it). Because of Internet, people from other countries can communicate from each other and the sharing of economic power can also be applied more effective. You see... You come from Philippine but you can get income in US$. Isn't it a economic sharing? However, globalization also has a disadvantage. If one country is having a bad economic situation, at least other countries will also have a bad effect. Because our world are now related to each other in many ways.
@butterfly39 (3907)
• Philippines
13 Jul 07
In this world we only have two things to consider the good and the bad, advantages and disadvantages, pretty and ugly... But speaking of globalization is a good perspective, since we are in the new millenium, we have to face the fact that we're growing up and also our technology. An easy access to other countries is a good point, everybody is aware of what is happening to other countries nothing to worry at all.